The Industrial Designers Society of America has a long history and commitment to design education. In fact, education is one of the four central pillars of IDSA’s mission and a key component of our Strategic Plan. IDSA’s overarching objective for education is to promote design education and continuous learning of our members and the larger industrial design community.


Design education is where design and learning are forged together to form life-long habits of acquiring, working with and transforming knowledge in to new ideas, solutions and designs to help people live better lives. Design schools, educators and students are at our core, together with new tentacles into earlier, K12 education on one side and into corporate design programs on the other. Even laypeople are today becoming students of design. We are in the business of educating people about design.

IDSA’s focus on formal education and continuous professional development both center on providing relevant information that advances our member’s careers at every stage of their professional journey from their years as students through their professional pursuits in practice and academia.

For more information on IDSA’s educational goals and initiatives, please contact us at idsa@.