Start A New Professional Chapter


Interested in starting a new professional chapter? You're embarking on a monumentally important journey. This page lists out the most important considerations for forming a chapter.


Benefits of Serving

  • Bring the vision for your community to life
  • Gain leadership experience and advance your career
  • Give back to your community and profession
  • Gain exposure for yourself and your company
  • Recognition from your peers
  • Discounts on membership dues and the annual International Design Conference (IDC)

Basic Requirements

  • Chapters are required to have a Chair and Vice Chair (however, the most successful chapters have 3-5 officers on their Board to maintain consistent programming throughout the year)
  • Only Professional and Young Professional members can serve as officers
  • All new chapters must have the interest of at least 20 voting members of IDSA and be approved by the Board of Directors


The makeup of each Chapter's Board is unique, but we've listed the most common positions and their responsibilities.

Chapter Chair

  • Serves as leader of the chapter, establishing and implementing its overall strategy
  • Responsible for overall execution of chapter events
  • Maintains ultimate responsibility for chapter finances
  • Leads all meetings of the chapter Board
  • Manages succession planning efforts, ensuring a pipeline of individuals 'ready and able' to lead the chapter into the future

Vice Chair

  • Assists the Chair with all chapter functions
  • Assumes the duties of the Chair in their absence
  • Performs the duties of the Secretary / Treasurer in the absence of that position

Secretary / Treasurer

  • Maintains chapter Board meeting minutes
  • Maintains the chapter's general and financial records; ensures integrity of fiscal affairs
  • Works with IDSA HQ related to the chapter credit card, reimbursements, vendor payments and contracts

Events Coordinator

  • Plans chapter events, coordinates logistics (food and beverage, etc.)
  • Develops and maintains a list of volunteers and supporters that can assist with planning and execution
  • Serves as the point of contact for event registration / sets up event registration sites (e.g., Eventbrite)
  • Works with IDSA HQ to update content on the chapter's  webpage

Communications Coordinator

  • Promotes all chapter activities via newsletters and social media
  • Maintains credentials for all websites and social media platforms

Student Chapter Liaison

  • Coordinates with local university student chapters
  • Provides programming, mentoring and support


Ready to formally propose a new chapter?

Step 1: Review other helpful information and guidelines
Step 2: Submit a proposal